NHS EHEALTH 09-09-2015 036CHPDigital technology plays an increasingly important role in addressing the challenges faced by health and care services around the world.

The Scottish Government and NHS Scotland have had a national eHealth Strategy in place for many years to support key health policy aims such as improving the quality of care, enabling shared decision-making with patients and integrating health and social care.

eHealth plays a pivotal role in evolving the way in which care is delivered in Scotland, empowering both citizens and professionals through better digital services and information. This will directly improve the outcomes of professional care, and at the same time provide essential support for effective self-care and health improvement by people in Scotland.

In April 2018 we published a new, integrated, Digital Health and Care Strategy, developed in collaboration with a range of partners including an independent Expert Panel.  The new Strategy builds on achievements to date and sets out the key priority areas we will develop in order to realise our ambition for person-centred care in Scotland.

You can read further background on the new Strategy and its priorities here

The new Strategy proposes six priority areas of work, or 'domains', that will be developed collaboratively with our delivery partners in health and social care:

National direction – establishing a joint decision-making Board from national and local government and the NHS, supported and advised by industry, academia and the third sector to achieve greater consistency, clarity and accountability.

Information governance, assurance and cyber security – ensuring appropriate safeguards are in place for the management of data and ensuring consistency in decision-making about sharing information.

Service transformation – a clear, national approach to service redesign and the scaled up adoption of successful models such as home and mobile health and care monitoring.

Workforce capability – recognition that leadership and workforce development in digital skills and capability underpin successful uptake and use of digital technology.

National digital platform – commitment to the interoperability of systems by developing a national Health and Social Care services digital platform through which real-time data and information from health and care records is available to those who need it, when they need it, wherever they are, in a secure and safe way.

Transition process – a recognition of the need to improve and upgrade existing systems to contribute to future developments, with a joint approach required between NHS National Services Scotland and the Local Government Digital Office to ensure that existing systems continue to work effectively.

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