Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals Network (NMAHPS)

Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals (NMAHPs) make up 72% of the clinical workforce in Scotland. The Network supports NMAHPs across Scotland who are engaged in eHealth activities. As new models of long term care management and self-care emerge, NMAHPs will increasingly become the first point of call for patients and carers. It is essential therefore that NMAHPs are fully engaged in influencing the National eHealth Programme.
The world around us is changing and the context of healthcare delivery is also evolving in response.  As always, professionals need to be able to respond to this changing political, professional and technical environment.  What may be different from the past however are the opportunities that technology provides to support the delivery of healthcare.
In an environment where change is dynamic and unpredictable, leadership skills are increasingly important and include the effective use of technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare.
Each year, an annual survey is carried out to identify issues, successes and provide an indication of general progress. The purpose of the survey is to shape the work of the eNMAHP Network in line with the national eHealth strategy to best meet the Network needs and priorities and to feed in relevant issues to eHealth and clinical colleagues.
Under the auspices of the eNMAHP Network, all NHS boards (including the relevant special NHS boards) were asked to complete the 2015 survey as a collective NMAHP voice to update the national picture i.e. one response from each NHS board. Read the 2015 survey summary report.
NHS Education Scotland have worked with Scottish Government eHealth to develop the  eNMAHP Leadership Programme. This Programme will support NMAHPs in developing their leadership skills in eHealth.
NMAHP Leads Network Clinical eHealth Toolkit eNMAHP Leadership Programme