Business Cases

Welcome to the eHealth Business Case page.  Here you will gain an understanding of the Business Case Methodology employed within eHealth.

Follow Introduction to Business Cases to learn more about the origins of the eHealth Business Case methodology, what is a business case, stages of a business case, the basics of what makes a good business case and the basics of the approval process.

Background to Business Cases describes more about the Legislation and Polices that have driven the creation of the Business Model, the links with the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), the Treasury Green Book and the Scottish Capital Investment Manual, how they help define what a Business Case is, including what a Business Case is for a
nd how the stages of the eHealth Business Model align to OGC Gateways.
For a brief explanation of why one person may be responsible for the production/submission of a Business Case but multiple people may/should contribute to the production, see Establishing a team to create the Business Case.

What makes a good Business Case? Provides an explanation of where to start developing a Business Case, how to start the creation process, assessing the potential change, it’s importance, the benefits, the scope, the measurement of success and Do’s and Don’ts

What’s in a Business Case? provides the basic structure for the Business Case showing the 7 main sections.

Templates and Guidance provides a business case toolkit, comprising of a guide, check form and a template, for the development of the National Project Lifecycle business cases.

For further assistance with the preparation of business cases, including the use of the toolkit and to submit a completed business case document, contact